What is your story?

For class we were instructed to make a video on our topic! My topic is the change in Furman students from Freshman to senior year! Enjoy!


A User Friendly World

It is obvious that designing a web page has many details and challenges that make it a complete art form! When viewing a website you don’t really sit and think how much planning and work went into every click you make and each image you see. But the most important thing above all is that this website is easy for the user. It can look as great as you want, but if it cant be navigated than it’s truly useless. In today’s readings, both authors give advice on how to make a website more user friendly. After reading these, it is clear that these are some great ways to really improve your website.

Krug chapters 1-5
In the first chapter, Krug says that his first law of usability is “don’t make me think!” He believes that your site should be self-explanatory and simple to use. This site shouldn’t be a puzzle to solve or a maze to get around, there should be little to no thought involved.

In the second chapter, Krug explains how we really use the internet. In the designing of a website, the creator thinks that people read every word and notice every detail. This is far from true! Most of the time, people just scan to find what they are there to look for and ignore the rest. He then explains three facts that need to be accepted in the designing of a web page. accept when designing we pages, which are:

– We don’t read pages. We scan them. – We scan because we are usually on a mission and don’t need to read everything on a page.
– We don’t make optimal choices. We satisfy. – When scanning a page, we look for the first thing that resembles our main goal of why we have found ourselves on this site. When we find the simple thing that is satisfactory we move on.

– We don’t figure out how things work. We muddle through them. – User manuals are not something that people take the time to look over anymore. It’s no longer important to understand what we’re using as long as we are able to use it.


Vector Field: a combination of various vectors operating in one frame


Continuity vectors: when two or more vectors point in the same direction


Converging vectors: vectors that point towards each other


Diverging vectors: vectors that point away from each other


Photographic Composition

For todays we read about images and the screen in, “The Two-Dimensional Field: Forces Within the Screen”. This chapter begins by explaining the spacing of a picture to make it aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. It is crucial that an image follows the principal frame of reference and uses the six major field forces that the author described.

– Main directions

-Magnetism of the frame and attraction of mass

-Asymmetry of the frame

-Figure and ground

-Psychological closure


One big point made in this chapter was the idea of verticality and horizontality. The viewer is most comfortable working with horizontal space over vertical space. This is because this space makes them feel more calm and settled, where as, vertical space is much more dramatic. This also makes is obvious that tilting the image would really throw off the viewer and make them feel uncomfortable. This is something I have studied a lot in my film analysis classes. When watching Moulin Rouge, this is an element the director uses, which we call dutch tilt, to disorient the viewer.


My Taste

My taste is eclectic! In everything I enjoy my tastes range to the point where it is seriously confusing.

In interior design I would describe my taste as somewhat rustic, an anthropology feel. In food I like interesting meals and enjoy a little bit of an adventure. I will try anything regardless of if I know I probably won’t like it. When it comes to music I listen to one song from a plethora of bands and tend to only have whole albums by bands and artists I listened to growing up. With this being said I draw some of my music interests from my parents so I have a huge weakness for Carly Simon and Carol King.

When trying to define my taste in clothes I come to a complete blank. Defining my style has been extremely difficult and my friends simply define it as me, even though we have no clue what that really means.

I like to think I have sophisticated taste in films. I am a film minor so I really understand and find the beauty in a well made movie. But then the eclectic part sets in, and there I am watching a cheesy chick flick.

My taste in people would have to be people who are open, friendly, and quirky.

My taste is the definition of my personality, I am a person who can not be defined in a few words and who continues to even confuse myself in my interest and passions.